Document Management and Archiving System

Category: ERP system

<p>Every company needs a reliable record-keeping system because documentation can easily take-up large amounts of storage space, requiring off-site storage. It's time-consuming to sort through all the files if you're looking for specific documents and can get costly paying off-site document storage to pull them. Recording documents helps the company in the time of auditing also the system makes it possible to track expenses and sources of income over the life of your business. Document Management System is a system that helps in publishing, indexing, and retrieval of documents and Document Archiving system means storage for legal, audit or historical purposes by using various processes.</p> <br /> <p>Due to the manual, old designed and unorganized information various companies has come up with demand of DMAS and we have successfully helped many companies with Document Management and Archiving System (DMAS) which have helped them with various attributes like security/ access control, searching/indexing capability, support multiple file types, alerts notification, backup/recovery and many more. We can safely say that we have integrated DMAS which is superior in both design and functionality than the old maintained website. </p>

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