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<p>Short Message Service or SMS alert System is the common term for the most common platform used for text messaging. It is the most-used data service in the world; SMS is used by both government and commercial bodies as a quick, efficient, and extremely cost-effective way to communicate in a customized, direct manner with a recipient. We have provided MoICS with an SMS Alert System in its website which helped MoICS to share information with other involved organization easily using a web-based system that can be accessed at various levels depending on each organization’s hierarchy and the credentials of specific personnel. <p> <br /> <p>With the help of field study and desk study we successfully have developed Bulk SMS System for MoICS which has benefited the ministry in many ways. The Bulk SMS System can collect information from multiple sources via multiple means and display the results in a common view and the data can be shared between all parties who are working to deal with the situation, meaning everyone has the most up-to-date information when making crucial decisions.</p>

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