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<p>Nowadays, gadgets are rolling the world. Many people cannot imagine even one day without their favorite mobile device. We use them for everything: find information, stay connected, find the way around, decide what to do, and many other things. Developing an application usually takes lots of time and needs professional knowledge of the software. Taking the usage of technology in various business sectors into consideration NOC also chooses to develop an app which can help track the overall petrol station. We have developed an android app for Nepal Oil Corporation based on the Amlekhgunj Depot. With the help of mobile applications, NOC can establish effective communication with the public. Effective communication results in more feedback. Users can get real-time info on the location of petrol pumps, fuel availability, opening and closing time, picture of the gas station and other important parameters. Users can also report any discrepancies via the mobile application and NOC can act on it immediately. This ultimately has increased the service quality of NOC. </p>

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